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We are the most talented & Award-Winner company in London. 

Sharar Rahman, Founder of IWS

Shah King

Founder of Innovative Web Specialists.  I’m 27 years old and this is the story behind why I set up Innovative Web Specialists and how we can help you to achieve your goals.

What happened to me

Like a lot of good business ideas, it began with a lot of passion and a little bit of know-how.  During the middle of 2015, I needed a website for a personal project.  However, I couldn’t find a cost-effective web developer to design a high quality and easy to navigate website and the free ones just didn’t meet my needs.

On a number of occasions, I actually ended up paying a lot of money to web design companies who didn’t end up meeting my objectives because they didn’t take the time right at the beginning of the project to discuss what my goals and vision was for my website. For a young person, it was enormous amount of money for me but unfortunately, I didn’t get the service that I was craving for.

I could see that they rushed just to get my job completed as soon as possible in order to move on and start their next project. This made me feel very uneasy as I wanted someone to take what I needed seriously.

So I decided to…

So, I made a decision to set up my own company and provide my clients with everything that I felt was missing in the market.  My background and my studies were already related to this field and with a little recalibration, I gained the expertise to launch my web development business.

After making that decision, I spent five years learning and developing my craft and becoming an expert in my chosen field. I studied web design and development as well as learning how to ensure you have an attention-grabbing online presence. 

We also provide expert help in SEO because, after all, let’s be honest, you can have the best web design in the world but if no one finds your website online then you are missing out on customers!

Innovative Web Specialists - IWS Web Design in London

Its been an interesting journey so far…

Over the last seven years, I have designed and developed websites for a range of businesses and clients including a coffee brand, restaurants, Estate Agents, accountancy, and law firms in the professional services space and for E-Commerce brands.  My ethos and goal is to work collaboratively with my clients to provide them with the highest level of technical assistance and quality service, in order to meet both their needs as well as their expectations. I always look forward to working with you and providing you with modern functionality and a device-friendly website for your business, as well as maintenance support. I believe your success is our success. 

Our Promises To You

We will have no hidden charges and will always work transparently with you so you will always know what you are getting for your money.

Shah King

CEO, Innovative Web Specialists

Meet Our Team Management

Ataul Karim

Ataul Karim

CTO and Director

The Founder

Shah King

Founder and CEO

Our Services

  • Professional team primed and ready to deliver for you.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Logo design.
  • SEO service available on monthly basis.
  • 24/7 maintenance service available.
  • Custom made web design and development service to provide specific design and functionality.
  • CMS- Custom made WordPress design.

All Our Designs Come With

  • Super responsive design for SEO purposes
  • Mobile and all devices friendly for SEO purpose
  • User friendly and easy navigation bar
  • All our websites ranked on Google within a very short time
  • All our website design comes with robust security systems to deter and prevent hackers
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